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Ways you can make a difference:

1) Online Donation

Click Here to make an online donation.

2) Cheque Donation

For cheque donation, please make cheque in favour of AASTHA CGMPCH&H payable at Lucknow. Don’t forget to provide your full name, Pan Card No. and mailing address so that we can send you your tax-exempt receipt.

All donations are tax exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Donation made are recognized u/s 80G Via Order No.58-59/07/03/2006-07/तक / आ आ-१ लख
Dated 27-09-2006 of C.I.T., Lucknow



Donation Options
Amount (₹)
MemberShip (ANNUAL Rs.1200/-per year)
1,200 (₹)
MemberShip (LIFETIME Rs.10,000/-ONCE)
10,000 (₹)
Sponsor a Home care Nurse’s visit for a month
8,000 (₹)
Sponsor Subsidized elderly’s cost of Medical treatment (one month)
15,000 (₹)
Sponsor a Meal for 50 elderly
3,500 (₹)
Sponsor Medical camp
6,000 (₹)
Sponsor a wheel chair to a disabled elderly
7,000 (₹)
Sponsor Birthday visit to four homebound elderly
2,000 (₹)
Adopt an Terminally ill elderly (one month) full care
15,000 (₹)