Aastha envisions  a place where every elderly have the right to an active, healthy and dignified life. We at Aastha try to enable the elderly to live a ‘Quality Life’ of their own choice with respect and dignity in the our society.

Our sole mission here is to enhance living Quality of elderly people in the community through the use of technologies, people oriented friendly services and innovative methods.

We here by encourage collaboration with different entities and attend to all needs of an elderly.

Our main objective is to work for the cause and care for elderly people and to improve their quality of life.

Our Volunteers

About our volunteers
We take on volunteers only after thorough checks and references so you can be completely assured
that they will be reliable and treat every old individuals with dignity and respect.

  • We carefully match an elderly with a volunteer based on shared interests, likes, dislikes and beliefs
  • We regularly check to see how relationship between old people and volunteer is progressing.
  • All our volunteers are given training that covers age-related concerns, which helps to build their knowledge and empathy.

This Project is taken up by Aastha, it is not profit making project, and has come up forward to fulfill their responsibility towards Senior citizens of our society.

Help elderly live wonderful old-age lives….

Low-income and lonely elderly who suffer from illnesses are forced to live solitarily. You can help to improve their social life. Through Charitable Programme, you can help elderly regain their confidence in participating outdoor activities, bringing them socially connected.

‘’Donors do not give to institutions, They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe’’