Geriatric Care

Each elderly has an individualized plan of care that is prepared collectively by the family and our team.  Services are designed to meet the patient’s and family’s physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, medical and social needs, and can range from pain relief, exploring spirituality to reconnecting with people and having fun. Care for family members includes counseling, spiritual support, care giving strategies, education on the patient’s illness and encouragement in their care of the patient. Trained volunteers are also available to provide companionship for patients and respite for caregivers, to assist with transportation needs. Although a full range of support services are available, the patient and family are very involved in determining which services they receive. In other words, the plan of care is as individual as the patient.


Once the plan is written, it is communicated to all team members involved in providing care and services to the patient and family, and is updated as needs and goals change.


We  believe that people nearing the end of life should have the right to make as many of their own healthcare decisions as possible. The plan of care helps the patient and the family to achieve this goal.